Remote Control Airplanes

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Neels has a passion for airplanes, so I figured that buying him a  remote control airplane for his 40th birthday would make it much more memorable.

Opening of the gifts...not sure who is more excited about the presents, the kids or Neels:


Remote Control Airplane:




We go to Maidu Park to fly Neels's plane and the kids have to keep themselves busy...the picture below shows Christo playing soccer with a teeny tiny soccer ball.  I go for a walk when Neels flies (aka "plays") with his toys (oops... plane) and it comes down to it that I can walk 40 minutes until his battery runs out.

I also bought Neels a remote Control Helicopter and he mastered the remote on it.  This was a more difficult task.  As you can see he is flying the helicopter in the house, since it is very sensitive to air movements...therefore, he practices inside the house.  Nothing broken yet! :-)